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JPCC Rules

Rules for League Play:

  1. All games will be played using the Canadian Curling Association Rulebook.
  1. Games are either 6 or 8 ends in duration as indicated on the draw sheet.
  1. Games tied after 8 ends of play shall remain so, and the points awarded shall be split.
  1. The staff will ring the bell 35 minutes prior to the start of the next draw time. When the bell rings, the teams shall finish the end they are playing and play one more end. An end is considered complete when the score has been declared.
  1. Games shall be played as scheduled.
  1. Teams must have at last 2 regular members.
  1. Teams may use up to 2 spares.
  1. Spares may play up to the position of the person missing. (i.e. If the skip is away, the spare may play any position; if the lead is away, the spare must play lead.)
  1. Teams are to make every effort to choose required spares either from any league playing at the club or from the spares available on the member site of the club’s website. Should no spares be available from within the club, individuals not associated with the club can be used. Once a spare not associated with the club plays four games at the club, he or she must become an Associate Member of the club, which ensures registration with Curling Alberta and formal acceptance of the club’s declaration of liability
  2. Teams unable to play under these conditions must forfeit the points.
  3. Any team wishing to qualify for the Men’s, Women’s or Mixed Club Championship Play-offs must adhere to specific gender rules in effect for the play-offs. Please refer to the Club Championship Rules for details.


Club Championship Play-off Rules

  1. All games will be played using the Canadian Curling Association Rulebook. The following rules will also apply.
  2. Games are 8 ends in duration. If the score is tied at the conclusion of 8 ends, additional ends shall be played until a winner is declared.
  3. The play-off is one 4-team double knock-out event for men, one for women and one for mixed.
  4. The top 4 teams from all eligible leagues with the most aggregate points will qualify.
  5. Teams must earn at least 20 of the possible 40 points to qualify. In the event that fewer than four teams meet this threshold the play-off will be played with fewer teams.
  6. For the JPCC Championship teams to qualify for the EACC Tournament of Champions, the JPCC play-offs must follow specific gender rules. JPCC leagues are not required to follow the same gender rules. Qualifying points for the championship must be earned in games where the team makeup adheres to the following rules:
  7. Men’s teams must be composed of four men. Women’s teams must be composed of four women. Mixed teams must play the entire game with individuals of the same gender playing lead and third, and individuals of the opposite gender playing second and skip.
  8. Qualifying points for play-offs must be earned while following the above gender rules.
  9. Teams wishing to participate in the Club Championship Play-offs are responsible for monitoring and recording the gender makeup of their teams to determine whether points earned are eligible as qualifying points or as league play points only.
  10. Games shall be played as scheduled. Rescheduling of game dates or game times will be allowed only with the consent of the opposition and consent of the General Manager or the Head Ice Technician.
  11. Teams must have at least 2 regular team members.
  12. Teams may use up to 2 spares. Spares must be club members in good standing and may be drawn from any regular club league.
  13. Spares must play lead or lead and second. Spares will be considered regular members after playing 2 games in the play-offs, allowing them to play any position.
  14. Players from teams eliminated from the play-offs (including spares who have become regular members) are not allowed to spare for another team in the play-offs.
  15. If the “B winner” defeats the “A winner” then a second play-off game is required. If the “A winner” defeats the “B winner” in the first play-off game, no other games are required.
  16. Compliant fabric brush heads (stamp not required) will be required at the Tournament of Champions.


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Treaty 6 Territory Acknowledgement

The Jasper Place Curling Club respectfully acknowledges that we are located on Treaty 6 territory, a traditional gathering place for diverse Indigenous peoples including the Cree, Blackfoot, Metis, Nakota Sioux, Iroquois, Dene, Ojibwe, Saulteaux, Anishinaabe, Inuit, and many others whose histories, languages, and cultures continue to influence our vibrant community.