Week 2 Highlights

Well done!

  • Masking up in the common area and before you get to your table in the lounge.
  • Staging your departure into the ice shed.
  • Standing on the red dots for safe distancing.

Let’s work on:

  • Keeping the walkway clear behind the sheets (only the non-throwing skip should be there).
  • Wearing masks on the ice when you aren’t six feet away from others.
  • Having only one player from each team put the rocks away after each end (others can use their broom or foot to kick the rocks to their team mate to put them away).

Don’t forget:

  • If you are feeling ill or you have had close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, do NOT come to the curling club.
  • For more information about isolating: https://www.alberta.ca/isolation.aspx.

curling at jasper place during covid-19 

To keep ourselves, our families and our communities safe, we’ve all had to make changes in our lives. And so it is with curling. There will be changes to how we play the game we love – but it won’t take much time to get used to them. Following are the highlights.

Return to Play guidelines

Triples Curling

Off-ice requirements

Declarations and waivers

Jasper Place Curling refund policy


COVID-19 references:

Curling Canada Return to Play Guidelines

Alberta Sport Recreational and Physical Activity Guidelines (Please go to Page 9 to see curling guidelines.)

Restaurant, Cafe, Pub and Bar Guidelines

HELP! Keep the game safe for everyone

Jasper Place Curling is counting on each curler to follow the guidelines to ensure the health and safety of everyone in the building. We also ask that you point out to others if they need a reminder about the rules.  Let’s work together to make the 2020/21 curling season another great one.

Return to Play guidelines
  • Skips are not allowed to sweep at all.
  • Only one player at a time will sweep. No exceptions.
  • No handshakes before, during or after the game.
  • Touch only the two rocks you will deliver each end. Move the others if you have to with your broom or your foot.
  • When players are not throwing a rock, sweeping a rock or standing in the house to call the line, they must stand in designated spots that will be marked in the ice on the side of the sheet.
  • These guidelines ensure the 6’ social distancing is maintained throughout the game. Therefore, wearing a mask during the game is not required – but absolutely allowed should an individual player choose to wear one.
Triples Curling

Triples curling is designed to offer a fast (six ends), fun game where no player stands around to ensure social distancing. It also offers each of the three curlers a chance at the three different positions (delivering the rock, sweeping, and determining strategy and calling line) Check out the details. 

Off-ice requirements
  • Masks are mandatory as soon as you enter the building, from the front entry throughout the main floor, including washrooms, locker rooms and all sitting areas where we change shoes, grab a bite to eat, etc.
  • Masks are also required on the stairs and in the lounge while you are ordering your drink and making your way to your table.
  • Once you are seated at your table, masks are not necessary as tables and chairs are positioned to ensure the 6’ social distancing.

Return to play videos:

Introduction (00:50)


Entering the Club (1:40)     


Main Floor Common Area (3:12) 

Food & Bar Service (2:02)

For on-ice examples, check out Curling Canada's five "Curling Through COVID" traffic flow video examples.

Declarations and waivers
  • Oct. 16 is the deadline for paying your fees in full (at least a $100 deposit is required by Sept. 18) using the online registration system.
  • A signed waiver and declaration is also required by Oct. 16. These documents will be emailed to you after you have paid the online deposit.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Jasper Place asks that you read the waiver and declaration completely and carefully. These documents are IMPORTANT! Adhering to their requirements will help keep us all safe.
  • Anyone arriving at the curling club on their first curling day without these documents completed will be asked to complete and sign the documents before they are allowed entry. This will help ensure the health and safety of all curlers. Please note: the curling club is waiting for the declarations and waivers to be approved with the Curling Alberta return-to-play guide. They will be made available as soon as possible.
JPCC Important 2020 Dates

Friday, Oct. 16 fees payment deadline - Each curler must pay fees in full by this date. If this poses a financial hardship, please call Cathy Craig at 780-489-6428.

Friday, Oct. 23 - Targeted start date at Jasper Placed for the fall session. 

Frequently Asked Questions
General safety

What should we be doing before we even enter the building?

  1. Make sure you are familiar with the Return-to-Play guidelines. Listen to the videos, think through what’s changed and ask questions if you’re not sure of a procedure.
  2. Complete, sign and return your waiver and declaration before Oct. 16.
  3. As you approach the club, put on your mask. If you’re wearing regular outdoor gloves, keep them on until after you open the door and use the boot-boy.

What should we do as soon as we enter the club? 

Keep your mask and gloves on as you use the boot-boy, then remove your gloves if you are wearing any. Everyone entering the building is asked to use the hand sanitizer at the front door.

How often will common surfaces like the washrooms, the boot-boy, door handles and chairs be disinfected?

Once a day. This includes rock handles and the scoreboard cards. You are welcome to bring your own hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes if you want further comfort that the areas you’re contacting are safe.

Where will hand sanitizer be provided at JPCC?

The club is providing ample hand sanitizer stations at both ends of the sheets, at the front door, in the main floor lobby, outside the washrooms, at the entrance to the upstairs lounge and at the bar.

In past years, we’ve been able to borrow equipment (brooms, sliders, etc.) if we forget something at home. Will that option be available this year?

The JPCC is unable to clean daily all of the equipment that is used by schools and borrowers. We recommend against using any public equipment, but something can be made available if your equipment is forgotten at home.

How can we find out when practice ice is available, both before the season begins and during the season?

Practice ice will continue to be available free of charge to paid curlers of all leagues at the Jasper Place Curling Club. Once the season has started, we will identify ice times that are available for practice and post them on the website.  There will typically be ice available Sunday afternoons and during the late draw times during the week.

Practice ice will be available to non-members at a charge of $15/person/hour.

We have a spare who will come in when needed. Are there any specific procedures for spares?

Spares must have completed, signed and returned a copy of the waiver and declaration before they will be allowed in the building, just like regular curlers. For that reason, please try to ask curlers from other leagues to spare or, if you know someone will spare regularly for you, ask for the declaration and waiver to be signed and submitted ahead of time.

Your spare must recorded on the attendance sheet that will be kept for each curling night.

My friends want to watch us curl next week. Do they need to complete the same waiver and declaration?

They do not. However, they must follow all other rules regarding hand sanitizing and mask wearing while in the curling club.  Additionally, they should only visit the upstairs lounge or the food counter after the draw has started and the curlers have vacated the main floor lobby. There will be a visitors log kept in the upstairs lounge that all visitors must sign, date and include a contact telephone number.  This is the event that we need to provide contact tracing information to Alberta Health Services.

Playing the game


How do the teams determine last rock without a coin toss?

There are lots of ways. Choose odd or even on your stopwatch, determine a number between 1 and 10; play rock-paper-scissors; use your phone’s random draw feature if it has one; make up your own way with your opponent.

I know I don’t have to wear a mask once I’m on the ice, but can I wear one if I want to?

Yes, you can but Canada’s health authorities have recommended against wearing a mask while you are involved in strenuous exercise as there may be some health risks associated with doing so.

I don’t wear gloves during the game. Does that still work?

If you wear gloves we recommend putting them on before entering the ice shed.  If you do not typically wear gloves, be advised that the curling rock handles will be cleaned once a day.  If you wish to clean again, please bring your own wipes. There are six hand sanitizer dispensers in the ice shed.  If you are not wearing gloves please sanitize often – before/after touching a rock, the scoreboard or the measuring device.

Are we using the scoreboard?

Yes. As per regular curling protocol, only one player per team should be handling the cards. Generally this is the duty of the third. The score cards will be cleaned every day.

Are we using the measuring stick?

Yes. Please use hand sanitizer before and after each use.

Will the water fountains at the home end of the sheets be available?

No, they will not be in operation but there will be a water bottle filling station open for those who bring their own reusable water bottles.

I’m a skip. If I see for some reason that my sweeper has stopped half way down the sheet or can’t keep up with a takeout, can I come forward to sweep – since it’s clear my sweeper is well over six feet away from me?

No. No exceptions, skips don’t sweep, ever.

4-Person Play

Which sweeper remains at the side of the sheet (and therefore doesn’t sweep)?

There is no rule about this. The team decides themselves how they want to determine this.

Are the “Stand here” places at the side of the sheet specific to the position of the curler? For example, does the lead stand on the same spot every time?)

No, players at the side of the sheet will move to the spot that makes sense to keep the flow of the game as smooth and timely as possible. Watch the videos on the home page to see how this works – and stay true to the “6-foot safe distancing” principle.

How can the skip and third discuss strategy without wearing masks?

If skips and thirds of full curling teams decide to be in a cohort (bubble) – masks and distancing are not required at all times and discussions may take place as before.

If skips and thirds of full curling teams decide NOT to be in a cohort (bubble) – they must remain physically distanced or must wear their masks to have an up-close discussion. If they decide not to wear masks, the conversation can be made keeping the distance of an extended broom length.

Where do the three Team B players stand when Team A is throwing?

They will stand on the identified marks at the side of each sheet.

Skips of the non-delivering team should stand on the back boards and not return to the ice surface until the other team has relinquished the space. The only exception to this would be in the event the delivering team skip asks the opposition to help catch rocks set in motion by a take-out.


Do each of the three players in Triples curling play two consecutive ends in the same position, then move, or do they change positions every end?

Each member plays two consecutive ends at the same position, then rotates to a new position.

Can I switch out of Triples and into regular 4-person team play – or switch into Triples play from 4-person play – part way through the season?

Yes, wherever possible, you can move between the club league and the triples league on the same night whenever the 5-game square ends and is re-drawn for the next 5 games.

As well, if your team is playing with only three players against another team with only three players, we suggest trying triples. You might even like it.

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