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 What's changed for curling in 2020?
  • Triples Curling has been introduced in curling clubs across Canada. It's going to prove to be fast, democratic, competitve - and a whole lot of fun!  If you're not sure how the rule changes will affect your enjoyment of the game? Wherever possible, migration between the club league and the triples league on the same night will be allowed whenever the 5-game square ends and is re-drawn for the next 5 games. Triples curling will be offered Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening.
  • The leagues have updated names. In a survey JPCC sent to all members, many curlers wanted the leagues renamed.  Voila! The JPCC leagues are simply named by the day of the week they play.  For example, last years “Tuesday Open (Mixed)” league has been renamed “Tuesday”. The only distinction that we will make now will be to differentiate between the four-person typical curling game and “triples”.  Both the typical game and triples will be offered Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings.
  • On the warm side of the glass, JPCC will be following the guidance from Albertas Chief Medical Officer of Health and complying with the guidance for restaurants, cafes, pubs and bars Once the approved Return to Play guide from Curling Alberta is available, the curling clubs return to play committee will establish a guide specifically for JPCC. At this time masks will be required upon entry to the building and worn until the curler reaches the field of play (ice). A mask will be required again when the curler exits the field of play and until they take a seat in the upstairs lounge. The lounge will be set up to comply with the restaurant, cafĂ©, pub and bar guidelines which will provide 6’ spacing of tables and 4 chairs per table.
What has stayed the same for 2020?
  • Discounts:  Again JPCC will offer a multi-league discount to anyone registering in more than one league at the club. Prime time leagues will receive a $50 rebate, paid in JP coins. 
  • Recruitment bonus:  For each new team added to a full-year evening league, the existing team that recruited them will receive $200 in JP coins.  Teams can use JP coins anywhere in the club – for drinks, food, pro-shop items or even curling fee

Looking for information on youth and junior curling? Please visit: www.eyca.ca

Visit the Edmonton Area curling clubs website at: www.edmontoncurling.ca

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