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Unlimited Short Play – New Kind of Game/Practice

We have an exciting new curling offering this year.  UNLIMITED SHORT PLAY.  This new innovation will try to address some of the most common reasons for people not joining curling leagues.  These games will be unscheduled, however regular time slots will be allocated to this short play, and participants will sign up via a weekly sign-up genius (only distributed to unlimited short play members) or a sign-up sheet posted in the curling club.  Games will last only one (1) hour.  You do not require teammates to play, teams of 2, 3 or 4 will be made up at each time slot. In order to accommodate more throwing during the one hour of playing time, teams of two will be made first, then teams of three will be made up once the ice is oversubscribed for teams of two, then teams of four only if more than 36 show up for that time slot.  More time slots will be added if there is a need.  Please let us know if there is a time slot that you would like to see scheduled.

Unlimited short play means exactly that.  When you purchase an unlimited short play membership, you are allowed to play on any or every time slot listed for short play during the week.

The cost in this inaugural year is: $100 per person if you are a member of any other curling league at the Jasper Place Curling Club and $150.00 if “unlimited short play” is the only curling that you register for. A $10 drop-in fee will be applicable to everyone who doesnt purchase the unlimited short play membership and would like to participate for a one hour.

Please share this opportunity with the friends and family that have turned you down to join your team for reasons: I cannot commit every week, I never know if I will have to work that night, a game that takes two or more hours is too cold for me, I dont want to go out when its      -30, etc. This might be exactly what they are looking for.

Also, for those who are new curling and dont feel that they are ready to step into league play right away, this is a great opportunity to get some rock throwing in, after their lessons and before they take that next step.

This is not only for inexperienced curlers though.  How many times do you wish you could play a little bit more, but dont want another full league, and dont really like just coming out to throw practice rocks.  This could be a great option to supplement your weekly game play.

We have clear ideas on how this will run, but there will be growing pains; trying to make sure that we have offered the right time-slots, making up balanced and fair teams, explaining “modified sterling” and “modified mixed doubles” and “triples” play so that it is easily understood. The event will be somewhat fluid as we discover how best to operate this curling experience, but we are excited to try.

There may be opportunities for volunteers too, and I hope that you will support this endeavor by purchasing an “unlimited short play” membership.

For more information, or to find out how to become involved as a volunteer, please talk to Cathy in the curling office.

Looking for information on youth and junior curling? Please visit: www.eyca.ca

Visit the Edmonton Area curling clubs website at: www.edmontoncurling.ca

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