Triples Curling

Previously this game has been played only at training camps and with beginners leagues, making sure that all players get a chance to experience all positions prior to settling in to a favourite position on the 4 person team.  This year the modifications to the 4 person typical curling game, have some curlers unsure how fun it will be to have only one sweeper, and skips not ever allowed to sweep. Some teams have team mates sitting this season out. This may provide a really fun option.

All players move up one player position after the second and fourth ends; doubling the points in ends 5 & 6; and sweeping alone might be OK - because all 3 players will only have to sweep 12 rocks.  Think how we will learn to appreciate each other - sweepers calling line, skips sweeping, this could be the COVID-19 curling silver lining.

Because this has typically been a training game, there are many rule variations out there.  JPCC will be using a very simple set of rules - easy for everyone. We have more than enough to think about these days.

League migration from the typical curling game to triples game and vise versa will be allowed on the same day of the week every time the 5 game square ends. So if you register for the typical game, and think you would like to switch, we will accommodate if we can. 

Please call Cathy at the curling club for more information or to register 780-489-6428

Triples Curling

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