Frequently Asked Questions

Is there likely to be a 2020-21 curling season?

Yes! JPCC has set the target open date for the 2020/21 season as Friday, October 23. Not all details are set yet so keep watching the website for the latest information on leagues, game options, registration details, etc. 

All the curling clubs in Edmonton have been working together with the many regulating bodies to keep everyone safe and healthy – and to keep the curling clubs financially viable. As you can understand, this has been a very complex process. The regulating bodies include the Government of Alberta, Alberta Health Services, City of Edmonton, Curling Canada and Curling Alberta. We are confident the sport of curling can be played in such a way as to maintain social distancing and still have fun. 

What will some of the physical changes for the club facility itself look like?

While the Return to Play game changes are taking shape very nicely, specific details about the facility itself are still being developed. All Edmonton curling clubs and the regulating bodies are working toward the common goal of ensuring the safety and health of everyone involved in curling before the season can begin so all curling clubs will be implementing very similar practices and procures.

Are the fees likely to increase to cover the COVID-19 requirements?

Jasper Place Curling Club knows its expenses will increase because of COVID-19, but we are also aware that the pandemic has hit everyone hard financially. To be fair to our curlers, the JPCC Board has made the decision to keep the fees the same as they were in 2019/20.

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